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Lube King Scott Fraser of Las Vegas Charged by SEC For Fraud in Fake Reviews

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Scott Fraser, the CEO and a main shareholder in Las Vegas-situated Empowered merchandise Inc., and paid promoter Nathan Yeung were charged by using the SEC for orchestrating fraudulent promotional campaigns to tout the manufacturer’s stock.

In step with the company, Fraser individually ran a publication publishing industry and hired Yeung to secretly support him promote Empowered merchandise by way of on-line publication articles that were supposedly authored by impartial writers.

Unbeknownst to traders, nevertheless, Fraser and Yeung virtually wrote, licensed and allotted these glowing articles about Empowered products themselves, working under such pseudonyms as “Charlie Buck” and then hiring different promoters to disseminate the promotions to their respective subscriber lists in trade for prices. And of direction the promotions failed to disclose that Empowered merchandise and Fraser approved and paid for the ads.

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