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AOL Caught Partnering with Fraudulent Banner Farm

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AOL is desperate for income, and because of that, I’ve seen more and more examples of their ads being shown fraudulently on banner farms and other scams. Today I caught their advertising showing on pop-ups all over the internet for a “fake” site that entire purpose is to defraud advertisers.

In this case, the company “” is loading popunders and their site in 1×1 pixels on other banners. The site is made to look like it has actual content, but the entire purpose is to reload the ads over and over again and defraud the network. claims to have technology to detect this, but they clearly are not, and worse the tags show that they know EXACTLY what the site is.

This is bad news for AOL, that their system is NOT working to detect fraud.

We’ve included the HAR file of the loads, so one can see how many times just in a minute they load. You can analyze it in any HAR analyzer including Google’s

Here is the tag information for AOL.


Tag for network 10719: Marketplace: First USA Media // Website: // Page: 300x250_1 // Placement: PlayGolf365.com_300x250_1 (4277103)

You can visit an example here (as long as it works)


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