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Krispy Kreme Facing Federal Lawsuit for Not Being Nutritious.

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Occasionally there is that lawsuit that makes you realize the legal profession might have a little too much time on their hands. According to court documents, Krispy Kreme is facing a class-action lawsuit filed in Los Angeles federal court Wednesday by a former customer who says the doughnut chain is guilty of false advertising and fraud because some of its supposed fruit-filled and maple-glazed products are made with “nutritionally inferior ingredients.”

Yes, the 32-page complaint  filed in U.S. District Court for the Central District of California this week on behalf of Jason Saidian, said he wouldn’t have bought the doughnuts if he didn’t know they were healthy and not nutritious.

“Unbeknownst to Plaintiff and other consumers, the Raspberry Products do not contain actual raspberries, the Maple Products do not contain actual maple syrup or maple sugar and the Blueberry Products do not contain actual blueberries,” the lawsuit reads.

Let’s clear this up: Doughnuts aren’t health food.


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