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The Cannabis marketing world has suddenly become the hottest thing since the free ipod, and everyone who is looking to make a quick few bucks is trying their hardest to get into it– even if they have no idea what they are doing, how to do it, or even if it’s legal.

Enter Veritad, the ETHICAL CANNABIS PROGRAMMATIC ADVERTISING network with the insight and experience needed to guide advertisers in this new frontier.

About Us

Our Mission

Lead by a team with decades of ethical know-how in marketing, Veritad is bringing the cannabis industry mainstream with a careful, ethical and data-focused techniques. We want to help you grow your business fast while leading your forward ethically to help protect your business. 

Experienced Team

With Decades of Experience in Building Networks, Online Advertising and Marketing, we are the premiere cannabis marketing experts.

Innovative Works

We've build ComScore Top 20 Networks, Owned the Largest Publications in Marketing & Brought New Technology to Markets Year and Year.


Our team is focused on compliance with an emphasis on doing everything not just legally, but ethically.


DJ Khaled

Introducing KandyPens, the premiere vape company exclusively represented by Veritad online.

Hottest Vape in the USA

Everyone wants a KandyPen -- and the media loves it

Amber Rose

Celebrity Amber Rose has even designed her own KandyPen.

Successful MARKETING  is our BUSINESS



We’ve build and launched dozens of successful marketing companies in the industry over the last 20 years. 
With Veritad, we are taking Cannabis Marketing to the professional level needed. 
Projects that work


Las Vegas is Fabulous is a Facebook and Web Property owned by Veritad LLC that reaches hundreds of thousands of Vegas locals ready to have Cannabis marketed to them



Pesach Lattin published AdBumb (my fave newsletter about online media buying and selling — it’s kinda the F***ckedcompany of online media)

Anne Holland Owner Marijuana Business Daily

Pace covers the industry with an extremely sharp and aggressive eye, and has a huge reader-base due to his access to top executives and entrepreneurs, as well as his pointed questions and coverage. His wit and high energy are a great asset to any project he’s working on.

Greg Bayer SVP Product Nielsen Marketing Cloud at Nielse

Andrew Moskowitz is the consummate professional. His ethics and integrity are second to none. I strongly recommend you work with him if you are blessed with the opportunity.

David Eastbrook Owner Freaking Delicious Cookies

Pace is one of the top internet influencers in my network, Pace has always had a way with moving people. Not only have we been able to collaborate on a few projects, but Pace has also always been there to lend a hand (for no other reason other than he is a stand up guy).…

John McCann Owner RadJohnny