How To Do Local Cannabis Marketing Online

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How To Do Local Cannabis Marketing Online

Cannabis is one smokin’ hot industry. Everything is making headlines left and right but no one really knows how to market cannabis products online, even when they are accepted, and where.

Businesses servicing the cannabis industry currently face a plethora of regulatory hurdles, as well as increased competition. State laws require dispensaries to keep their marketing efforts within their state borders, making companies that are trying to enter the market wondering if they can even market.

Most online ad networks, including Google and Facebook, do not allow ads from marijuana-related businesses. However, I have worked with several networks that are willing to take ads from me personally.

“Marijuana advertisers have a desperate need for premium placement, and working through traditional exchanges was incredibly difficult, if not impossible,” says Andrew Moskowitz, of Veritad.

“We have bridged the gap between the exchanges and the agencies,” Moskowitz commented, “because we have decades of experience in marketing, and people know and trust us.”

So what works the best?

Programmic Ad buying targeting local customers.

Programmatic is technology that facilitates automated ad buying, providing advertisers with access to digital display and video ad space across hundreds of thousands of sites without having to set up individual deals with all of them. This includes placements across devices as well, including mobile smartphones and tablets.

Local programmatic advertising takes this process one step further. By zooming in on your audiences, you deliver hyper-personalized messages.

Programmatic exchanges are helping to eliminate inefficiencies of local media and its unwieldy number of smaller, often overlapping properties. Moreover, the combination of sophisticated data analytics and automation helps marketers efficiently buy locally targeted impressions at scale.

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